**Bryce Nesius**
bryce.allen.nesius@gmail.com https://midasdesign.studio
Experience ===================================================
August 2021-Present : *Cybersecurity Research TeamLead/Senior Developer*, Upland IN :
- Performed cybersecurity networking research and analvsis for Taylor University on behalf of Lockheed : Martin Advanced Technology Labs :
- Supervised and coordinated team workflow :
- Tools used: mitmproxy, apache, openssl, wireshark, Frida :
- Summarized and presented unique findings to distinguished personnel
Jan 2023 : *Machine Learning Researcher* for Taylor University on behalf of Kratos Defense, Upland IN :
- Performed tests and analysis on various machine learning models and methods :
- Created and tested Kmeans Clustering, Convolutional Nueral Networks, and iForest models :
- My research was focused around orbiting satellite pattern-of-life analysis :
- Performed data processing and manipulation/cleaning :
- Presented findings to distinguished personel
Projects ===================================================================
Fall 2021 : *Full Stack Developer* for PocketDorm, Upland IN :
- Designed and implemented full-stack RESTful API, database connections in : postgreSQL, and dynamic functionality with Vue.js :
- Presented functioning web app to peers showcasing the range of work completed :
- Web application was functional within 2 months :
- Learned new technologies on the fly and adapted to rising bugs and issues in the codebase Summer 2020 : *Front-End Developer* for Canary, Waltham and Williamstown MA :
- Translate client mockups into functional web pages using: HTML/CSS and JavaScript :
- Clearly and effectively communicated with clients and team members :
- Exposure to development with unfamiliar technologies, such as Flutter and Yarn
Education =================================================================== Bachelor of Science (2023) : *Taylor University* Computer Science Digital Media/Systems :
Attended: 2021-2023 :
GPA: 3.49 Animation =================================================================== Drone Club Advertisement (Blender) : Apple Drip (Procreate) : Lightsaber Loading Animation (SVG) :